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Herstory: The Legal History of Chinese American Women: Herstory

Dr. Chiu Chang (邱彰博士) personal collection


Laney College Library is pleased to present a rare look at Chinese American women's history, told through legal cases fought in the Supreme Court of the United States and the supreme courts of its states. Using the personal collection of Dr. Chiu Chang (邱彰博士), Herstory features rare photographs and case descriptions of efforts by Chinese American women to gain legal standing in the U.S.

Starting in 1852, the cases document women who fought for equal treatment in the eyes of the law and for citizenship and immigration rights. One 1874 case from San Francisco describes a group of recent immigrants who were defined as "lewd and immoral" due to their style of dress and were set to be deported. The women fought back and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in their favor, stating that the California laws were in conflict with federal immigration laws and the women were released. in Tape v. Hurley, 66 Cal. 473 (1885), a landmark case in the California Supreme Court in which the Court found the exclusion of a Chinese American student from public school based on her ancestry unlawful. The Court ruled that Chinese American children had a right to public education and to attend public schools.

The exhibit is a fascinating look at the ordinary people who fought for their rights, and, in doing so, helped shape a new world for Chinese Americans in the United States. The exhibition is provided to the Library by Dr. Chiu Chang (邱彰博士), who has worked tirelessly to document the written legal history of Chinese Americans.

The exhibition ceremony is available online

Guest Speakers

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf (left) and Laney College President Tammeil Gilkerson​​

Dr. Chiu Chang & Mayor Libby Schaaf

Guest Speakers

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf (left) and Exhibit Curator Dr. Chiu Chang

President Tammeil Y. Gilkerson

Guest Speakers

Laney College President Tammeil Gilkerson​

Dr. Chiu Chang

Guest Speakers

Exhibit Curator Dr. Chiu Chang

Jeff Adachi

Guest Speakers

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi


Director Ma

Guest Speakers

TECO San Francisco Director Ma

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