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OER Starter Kit

This guide is helping faculty members who are interesting in developing and searching and using OER.

 Mason OER Metafinder (MOM) simultaneously search sixteen targets OER repositories in real-time, instantly returning the top several hundred or so relevant hits from each site. Because it is a real-time search, it can take a bit longer than searches of pre-indexed content; however, as compensation the results returned are absolutely up-to-the-minute for each search target.

Search: Mason OER Metafinder (MOM)

Repository Sources

The College Open Textbooks, a collection of twenty-nine educational non-profit and for-profit organizations, affiliated with more than 200 colleges, is focused on driving awareness and adoptions of open textbooks to more than 2000 community and other two-year colleges. It has peer-reviewed more than 100 open textbooks for use in community college courses. It also provides training for instructors adopting open resources, peer reviews of open textbooks, and mentoring online professional networks that support for authors opening their resources, and other services. --About College Open Textbooks

COOL4Ed logo


California Open Online Library for Education (COOL4Ed) supports the success of CCC and CSU campuses implementing the textbook affordability programs and reducing the cost of course materials for students.

Check out case studies of faculty members' experience using OER in COOL4Ed Faculty Showcase


It is available to search DOAB directly on the catalog below


The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) primarily focus on increasing discoverability of Open Access Books. The DOAB is a service of OAPEN Foundation, which is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA The OAPEN Foundation is an international initiative dedicated to Open Access monograph publishing based at the National Library in The Hague.

OpenDOAR is primarily a service to enhance and support the academic and research activities of the global community. OpenDOAR maintains a comprehensive and authoritative list of institutional and subject-based repositories. It also encompasses archives supported by funding agencies like the National Institutes for Health in the USA or the Welcome Trust in the UK and Europe.

Lumen Learning, co-founded by open-education visionary Dr. David Wiley and education technology strategist Kim Thanos, is dedicated to facilitating board, successful adoption of OER.

MERLOT II is a curated collection of free and open online teaching, learning, and faculty development services contributed and used by an international education community. 

Click to Search on MERLOT repositories, which doesn't require a membership. 

Advanced Material Search Tips

The Advanced Material Search in MERLOT allows you to narrow your search for materials that meet particular conditions that you select from the options on the Advanced Search page. In general, you can select any of the MERLOT metadata available to narrow a search (see the list below). You can filter the search results to drill down to more specific items that you require. A description of the search results page is below.


Material advanced search options


Keywords Searching with keywords will search all titles, descriptions, and URLs of all the materials in the repository
Title Search for materials by their title
URL Search the URLs of the materials in the repository
Description Search for keywords in the description field of the materials
Subject Category Search for materials by their subject category
Language Search for materials in a specific language
CEFR/ACTFL Search for ESL/EFL materials by their CEFR/ACTFL level
Material Type Search for specific material types
Technical Format Search for materials by their technical format (HTML, Java Applet, etc.)
Audience Find materials for a certain audience (grade level or professional)
Partner MERLOT Partners have the ability to add materials to the repository that are only viewable to their institution. If you are affiliated with a Partner institution, you can search for only your institution’s Partner materials
Find Mobile Apps Search for mobile apps in the repository
Find by Author Search for materials by a specific author
Find by Cost, Copyright, Accessibility Search for materials based on their Cost, Copyright, or Accessibility settings
Find by Creative Commons License Search for materials based on a specific Creative Commons license
Find by Date Added to MERLOT Find materials added to the collection within a specific time frame
Materials with Peer Reviews, Member comments, Learning Exercises, Content Builder, Bookmark Collections & Course ePortfolios Search for materials that are peer reviewed or that contain any member contributions

--Credit to MERLOT Advanced Search webpage.

OER COMMONS logo was launched in 2007 and continually offers a comprehensive infrastructure for curriculum experts and instructors at all levels to identify high-quality OER and collaborate around their adaptation, evaluation, and use to address the needs of teachers and learners.

Use Discover Resources to locate materials for specific subjects at the grade levels, it also includes material types.

Discover Curated Collections offers featured items in its digital library.

Open Education Consortium is a global network of educational institutions, individuals and organizations that support an approach to education based on openness, including collaboration, innovation and collective development and use of open educational materials.

The Open Education Consortium Professional Directory is to provide a searchable index of experienced professionals in open education. It is intended to give a quick overview of the professional's area of expertise. You may search for particular individuals or browse the directory by selecting your desired criteria in the drop down menus.

Open Textbook Library (aka Open textbooks) are textbooks that have been funded, published, and licensed to be freely used, adapted, and distributed. Those books has been reviewed by faculty from a variety of colleges and universities to assess their quality. Those books can be downloaded for no cost or printed at cost. 

The Open Textbook Library is supported by the Center for Open Education and the Open Textbook Network.

OpenStax is a nonprofit based at Rice University and encourages students to access open resources materials. Its mission is to improve student access to education. OpenStax adaptive learning technology, designed to improve learning outcomes through personalized educational paths, is being pilot in college courses across the country.

Open SUNY Textbook (OST) project is in response to the growing impact of Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption across SUNY. It offers services to support wide faculty adoption of OER that can be effectively sustained, improved and shared, as well as delivered to students to give them the day-one access to course materials they need for academic success.

Saylor Academy Open Textbooks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to offer free and open online courses. On its homepage, as the educator, you can access/download teaching materials. To search, use Ctrl+f (windows) or Cmd+f (Mac) to look for specific terms in books' title.

Textbook Revolution is a student-run site dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by teachers and professors. We want to get these materials into classrooms. On this site you'll find links and reviews of textbooks and select educational resources. Some of the books are PDF files, others are viewable online as e-books, or some are simply web sites containing course or multimedia content.

Textbook Revolution Courses provide the list of courses in multi-subjects with URL of the details of the course, syllabus, & assignment, etc.

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