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Open Educational Resources (OER)

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Open Educational Resource (OERs): Creative Commons Licenses

OERs reduce students from financial stress, allow faculty to create the course and teach the way they want to. Creative Commons licenses, which is within copyright law, give creators the option to choose how others to use, reuse, mixed, and revised materials. What is Creative Commons; how does it work, and why to use it? Come to this workshop to check it out!

Laney College Flex Day: 1/17/2020, 1:00pm, Room F 200

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The ASCCC Open Educational Resources (OER) Initiative CANVAS was funded in trailer bill language during the summer of 2018. Preparations for its launch were made during the fall 2018 term and this state-wide faculty-led effort had its kick-off with a webinar on February 1, 2019. This page will serve as a collection of resources related to the structure and development of the OERI.


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